Consuming oData services from SAP Web IDE

How to consume oData service from the ABAP back-end system. This assumes that you have installed the Cloud Connector and done the configurations required.

Below is an example of how to use SAP Web IDE to consume an oData service by using the wizard and the service catalog.

  • Open SAP Web IDE. You will be shown the welcome page.
  • Click on New Project from Template.

2018-01-20 08_37_24-SAP Web IDE Full-Stack

  • Select All Categories from the category drop-down box.
  • Choose¬†CRUD Master-Detail Application and click Next.

2018-01-20 08_39_15-SAP Web IDE Full-Stack

  • Enter a project name
  • In the App Descriptor Data section, enter a Title and Namespace.
  • Click Next.

2018-01-20 08_55_20-SAP Web IDE Full-Stack.png

  • From the Service Catalog, select your system.
  • Click Next.

2018-01-20 08_56_31-SAP Web IDE Full-Stack.png

  • Enter Data Binding data for Object and Line Item.

2018-01-20 09_06_32-SAP Web IDE Full-Stack.png

Scroll down and enter the rest of the information.

2018-01-20 09_07_39-SAP Web IDE Full-Stack.png

  • Click on Finish.

2018-01-20 09_15_36-SAP Web IDE Full-Stack.png

Run the application

  • Select the project.
  • Click on Run->Run As->SAP Fiori Launchpad Sandbox

2018-01-20 09_20_14-SAP Web IDE Full-Stack.png

2018-01-20 09_27_06-My application.png