Install macOS High Sierra 10.13 in VMWare on Windows

  • Download the hard disk image of macOS High Sierra from or
  • Ensure that you download the latest version 2.1.1 of the unlocker from this github.  It works on vmware workstation 14.
  • Also download the latest version of VMware workstation 14.
  • Install vmware and then reboot your machine.
  • Extract the unlocker zip file and run it as follows:
    • Open a command prompt with administrator priviledges.
    • Go to the tools folder and run the file win-install.cmd.
    • It will patch vmware workstation and also download the latest macOS guest tools. The iso image of the guest tools will be stored in the tools folder.
  • Create a new virtual machine in vmware. Follow the steps below.


2 hardware compatibility.png

3 wizard.png

4 os.png

5 name of vm.png

6 processor.png


8 bridge.png

8 bridge.png

9 logic.png

10 sata.png

11 disk.png

12 existing disk.png

At this stage, the wizard will ask whether to convert the vmdk file to the new file format. I didn’t do it for mine and it works fine. Can’t say whether there will be a performance improvement for the new file format. Guess, I have to try it.

13 finish.png

Your virtual machine is created.


Edit the Virtual Machine Configuration file (VMX)

Edit the “virtual machine configuration(VMX)” with Notepad and insert the line below.

smc.version = “0”

Now, you can run your virtual machine. It will boot and ask for country, keyboard, etc.. Once done, your virtual machine is ready.

macOS 10.13-2018-01-07-13-01-29.png

After all the configuration steps, you will be greeted with the macOS desktop.

macos desktop.png




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