Learning Go

Go is a compiled programming language. Go programmers are called gophers.

You need not install the compiler to learn Go. You can use an online playground through the web browser.


Bitcoin links

Exchanges rates fluctuate rapidly. So you have to keep yourself updated to be aware of the current rates to buy/sell bitcoins. Use the following websites to keep yourself informed.



Getting started with Bitcoin

How to get Bitcoins?

  • Bitcoin exchange

The easiest way to get bitcoins is to buy them through a bitcoin exchange.

Get a list of bitcoin exchanges from

Note that not all regions have a bitcoin exchange.

Sign up with a bitcoin exchange can be very easy.

An example of a bitcoin exchange is https://www.cointree.com.au.

Just provide your email and a password and you are good to go. You can then do email and mobile verification.

Intro to Bitcoin

Bitcoin was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is also known as BTC.

Will Bitcoin replace the fiat currencies?

At its core, there is the blockchain technology.

Bitcoin relies on a peer-to-peer payment system. The more people embrace it, the more it has value and recognition.

There are 21 million bitcoin “coins” in total.  This has to be reached by 2140.

BTC is a payment method and is being accepted by many retailers now. All the retailers need is an internet connection. BTC payment method can exist in parallel with existing methods. Also, BTC have very low transaction fees unlike current card payments. BTC payment method is not tied to current banks or financial system.


Is Bitcoin anonymous?

It is not entirely anonymous, as the transactions are visible to the public sight in real time. However, it does offer a degree of anonymity through the bitcoin wallet address. In simple words, if a transaction is made, it would be seen as a transfer of funds from wallet A to wallet B. No one would know the identity of the sender or the receiver. But if you know the public wallet address of someone, you can monitor the transactions of the person on http://www.blockchain.info.

How to be anonymous

  • Use a third-party or external service to hide your address. Its like the man in the middle. But this defeats the very purpose of the Bitcoin ideology.
  • Generate one-time use bitcoin wallet addresses for every transaction. Do not link those addresses to your primary wallet address. It is kind-of a throwaway address which will give you another layer of security. Using the Bitcoin core client, you can generate a change address for every new transaction or currency exchange.
  • Do not post your wallet address in your blog or on social media. These would allow someone to link you with your wallet address.





Compile and run Kotlin code from the command line

  • Download the latest Kotlin runtime and compiler from github.
    • Click on the zip file and save it to a local directory.
  • Extract the files to a given directory and add it to the system PATH variable.
    • Click on the Windows button.
    • Type Edit the system environment variables and press Enter.
      • Add the bin directory to the Path system variable.
  • Create a file HelloWorld.kt and save it.
  • Type the following code:

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    println(“Hello, World!”)

  • The file HelloWorld.jar is created.
  • Run it as follows:
java -jar HelloWorld.jar

2018-07-08 16_14_42-Command Prompt